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  Auto Loan Calculator

  Buy vs Lease

  Calorie Calculator

  Credit Card Payoff Calculator

  IRS Withholding Calculator
    This link helps you to complete a new Form W-4 if you want to ensure that you are not having too much or too little income tax withheld from your pay. It is also useful if you have non-wage income and want to have tax on your income withheld from your paycheck as opposed to filing periodic estimated tax payments.

  Millionaire Calculator
    How long do you think it will take? Enter different scenarios and brace yourself for the result!

  Mortgage Calculators
    This link contains many excellent calculators including:
  Mortgage Payment Calculator
  Mortgage Payment Amortization
  How Much Can I Borrow?
  How Much Income Do I Need?
  Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payment
  Refinance Calculator

  Investing Tools Calculators
    This link contains numerous, awesome calculators under the following catagories: (You really must check out the Investing Tools Calculators link - it contains about 50 links to extremely useful calculators...)
  Retirement Calculators and More Retirement Calculators!
  Investment Calculators
  Personal Finance Calculators
  Home Financing Calculators
  Lease Calculators
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