We can assist you on a monthly or quarterly basis (or more often or less often) to make general journal entries and adjusting entries to your accounting records. It is imperative that well-maintained and accurate records are kept as a business grows and to prepare accurate and meaningful tax returns.

Meaningful and well-organized financial records ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently and are the foundation of a successful business. We can assist you with your bookkeeping tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Compilations/Financial Statements
A compilation is financial data organized into financial statements. A compilation differs from reviews and audits in that they are based upon client information provided and used primarily for internal use only and no assurance is expressed. We view the financial reporting process as an opportunity to provide constructive solutions to our clients to maximize your company's profitabilty and efficiency. We can prepare financial statements from information you provide or we can assist you in the preparation of your financial statements. Financial statements can be a useful tool for management for making financial decisions and are extremely useful in the preparation of accurate and complete tax returns.

Computer Training and Setup of QuickBooks
We provide services for the initial setup of your accounting records in QuickBooks and then offer ongoing support for software and accounting questions.

Elder-Care Assistance
We offer assistance to our more experienced loved ones, often at the request of a concerned relative, to provide bill payment, expense tracking and/or to oversee money allocation. Having a professional involved in these tasks can reduce the burden for those who can use the help and those loved ones involved.

Notary Public
We are a California commissioned Notary Public, available for your Notary needs.

Payroll and Payroll Reports
We can process your payroll and prepare your federal and state payroll reports for you. This often saves our clients time, aggravation, penalties and interest that can be avoided. We will also prepare your year end W-2s, W-3, 1099s and 1096 forms. If you are unsure as to whether you could use some assistance, click on the following link to get an idea of some of the things involved in keeping accurate payroll records and reports.   Payroll Forms and Records to Keep Track of.

Tax Planning and Tax Preparation
We specialize in income tax preparation for individuals and small business. We are very well versed in those who have significant (or even not so significant) investments, itemized deductions, rentals, farms and many other various tax situations. We also cater to those clients who have more simple returns and tax situations as well. Our goal is to prepare an accurate and complete return while at the same time minimize our clients tax liability. Therefore, we also provide year long tax planning so as to achieve these goals at tax time.

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